Monday, 12 August 2013

Jim Thomson's House

Jim Thomson's house is buried with a story. The story now is very popular in the house of Jim Thomson. Jim Thomson worked as an officer in the U.S.A. Army,after a few years, he was sent to Bangkok to do some work. He loved Bangkok because of the beautiful culture and the tradition. After a few years he decided to live in Bangkok for the rest of hes life. He made a beautiful Thai house. On 1967 he was lost in the high lands of Malaysia. Now, many people is still trying to find his body.

You can go to Jim Thomson's house in many ways Example:By Taxi, By BTS or in many other ways. I think its a better way to go by the long way. The long way is by boat and its much more fun going that way.

I like how they make silk its very cool way because there is many steps to make silk. First boil the cocoons, second get the string out of the cocoons third sew the stings into cloth. The bad things about making silk is that it kills silk worms, and it cannot turn into beautiful butterfly's