Friday, 13 September 2013


     Ayuttaya is part of the history of Thailand. Ayuttaya was the capital city of Thailand,but then Burma took the city and destroyed it. Now bangkok is the capital of Thailand. All left of Ayuttaya is the ruins. Some of the ruins are more that 1000 years old.
     Ayuttaya has every section of their important county's. There were also the island of Portugal.
     There was a church wich had dead people in it, they died because of some kind of sickness. there were 49 people in the church. There were some ruins there too.
     There was a part that everybody went too, is the budah's wich was coverd with roots.

My Auntie is here!

     My auntie loves exploring. Next month my auntie will go to Singapore. Maybe she's going to America next year! Sometimes she hates to walk in the heat. A month ago my auntie went to bangkok to visit us.
    Bangkok is where I live. It's the best place I ever bin to because it is lovely and clean. Thai people loves to smile to each other. I call Thailand the land of smiles. I think bangkok is the hottest city in the world because of the factories and construction.
    My mother wants my auntie to go dancing with her friends so I cannot pick my auntie. At about 10 at night I heard somebody in my room. I took a peak and I saw my auntie sleeping beside me.
    Wat Po is a second tourist place. They have many old buildings. The buildings are at least 100 years old. Wat Po is by the river.
     After we went on the temple we didn't know what to do next, so we went to the river at the last stop we went out and went to terminal 21,it a wonderful mall!
    The next day we went to Jim Thomson's house. It's a traditional Thai house and a story of this man that lost his way in Malaysia.
    The way you make silk is you find Couon's and boil them and get the string and make clothes for us. Jim loved decorating clothes.
      The best area to go shopping is Siam. There are a lot
of malls there like central world or Siam paragon. If you want to buy cheap clothes go to MBK or Platinum mall. If you want to go to movies go to Central World.
       My auntie is going to go home. She is going to the air port. The easy way to go there is by taxi and bus that goes strait there. Let the taxi go by highway. Don't forger to go 1 hour early!
      I feel scared when my fun ended, just like my auntie going home. I don't like when I'm scared, I feel like crying. Well bye-bye fun and auntie.