Saturday, 6 July 2013

Amazing Koh Chang

Introduction Koh Chang means elephant island in Thai. Its a very good place for holidays or Adventures. If you have friends or your family that could come, they would like the activities there. If you are alone it would be a very relaxing place for fun. Activities
There are totally many things you could do there. You could go swimming in the sea, riding on elephants, swimming in waterfalls, hiking in mountains and more stuff to do. You could do anything. You should not stay at your resort or hotel siting around and watching TV, go on a adventure!
Transportation From Bangkok to Koh Chang is an adventure. Get the bus in Ekamai bus station to Trat then take a mini bus to the ferry then take the ferry to koh Chang island! Don't worry about walking in the dark forest at night, there will be many bus-taxis every few minutes every where. Yes, going to the island is a total mess because the bus takes along time (about 5 hours) and some people cannot speak or undrestand Thai . There is a long line of transportation waiting for you.
Hope you like Koh Chang when you visit there!

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